Networking science.

The Swiss Young Academy gives young researchers the opportunity to carry out inter- and transdisciplinary projects. With their dedication and contributions, members pursue the early identification of challenges facing society, provide solutions for these challenges, and foster a dialogue between science and society.


>>  23 September 2020: For the first time the SYA has written an open letter together with 17 other young academies against cuts in the EU research budget! You can read the letter here


>>  22 September 2020: The SYA has its funding regulations. You can find it under further information or here!


>>   6 July 2020: Interview with our speaker Estefania Cuero on Read the whole interview here!


>>  23 June 2020: The members of the Swiss Young Academy elected its executive board at the first constitutive meeting and, with Estefania Cuero, the first speaker.  

>> 13 May 2020: The first 29 members of the Swiss Young Academy have been elected!

The Swiss Young Academy offers...

  1. networking platform focused on current issues and questions related to science policy

  2. inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration on projects related to the thematic areas of focus set by the Academies and their associated institutions

  3. mentoring and development programmes for young academics that strengthen their skills as well as their national and international networks

  4. greater access to equal opportunities and a heightened awareness of issues related to society and its dialogue with science

  5. individual support during the five years of membership, coupled with the overall benefits of joint projects for scholarship in Switzerland

  6. its members to function as the Academy’s contacts abroad while also representing the diversity of the scientific field in Switzerland


What can members expect, what effects they achieve with their membership and what support they receive - more about this from the Advisory Council in short videos.

About Us


The Swiss Young Academy is composed of a general meeting with about 25 – 30 members, an executive board, an advisory council and an administrative office.


Range of Activities

The Swiss Young Academy engages in the following activities:

  • Initiates and carries out inter- and transdisciplinary projects with the support of the Academies and their associated institutions;
  • Initiates projects at the intersection of academic research and society that are relevant for the younger generation;
  • Initiates forward-thinking projects that foster creativity and innovation;
  • Promotes academic discourse as well as inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration;
  • Takes positions on developments in science policy, with a particular focus on young researchers’ professional and social situations, and on the development of an enduring academic culture.

Project Types and Guidelines

Joint Projects (generally CHF 30,000 per project)

  • Project topics may be chosen freely within the thematic areas of focus set by the Academies.
  • Projects are carried out by groups of two to six people.
  • Project results are communicated in the form of workshops, conferences, events, or publications.

Personal Projects (max. CHF 1,000 per person per year)

  • Personal projects support an individual member’s development, either in furthering his or her personal academic pursuits or in addressing one of the Academies’ main areas of focus.
  • Project results are recorded in a short report.

Criteria for membership (call for members 2020 is closed)

  • Are you interested in inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation as well as the implementation of joint and personal projects?

  • Do you have outstanding achievements at university level?

  • Are you willing to participate in the general meetings (one to three times a year)?

  • Are you max. 40 years old and have a proven academic connection to Switzerland? 

  • At the time of election have you received a doctorate, specialist training or the highest possible degree not more than seven years back?