Networking science.

The Swiss Young Academy networks young researchers from a wide range of scientific disciplines and creates an inspiring environment for inter- and transdisciplinary exchange and innovative ideas. Its members are the representatives of Swiss science and are regarded as the young voice of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.


23I04I2024: Portrait of our member Sandra Bärnrheuter

Sandra Bärnreuther - a medical anthropologist – studied in Münster, Heidelberg, New York and New Delhi, conducted research in the laboratories of large urban hospitals in India, investigated how digital change affects medical care in rural regions of West Bengal and currently teaches at the University of Lucerne. She believes it is important to have a “comparative perspective” – including for the Swiss Young Academy, of which she is a founding member.

04I04I2024: Workshop on the (inter)national perspective of the science-policy interface

Our Swiss Young Network for Science Policy and Diplomacy (SYNESPOD) project group is organising a workshop on 3 May in Bern that will shed light on the (inter)national perspective of the interface between science and politics. Register now!

21|03|2024: Interview with member Charles Gottlieb

Being sensitive to inequalities from an early age, Charles Gottlieb quickly took an interest in macroeconomics. Currently a professor at the Aix-Marseille School of Economics (F), he studies the obstacles that slow down economic development in low-income countries. In addition to his research and teaching, he has been involved with the Swiss Young Academy (SYA) since its early days.

15I02I2024: Countering fake news and conspiracy theories - new recommendations published

In collaboration with researchers from UZH, our "Fake News" project group has interviewed numerous experts on combating fake news / conspiracy theories and published recommendations for action on this basis.

Agenda | Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences

Sharing knowledge, meeting stimulating people and using interfaces.

Ongoing Projects

The core tasks of the Swiss Young Academy includes not only representing young researchers and promoting the science- and social-policy discourse, but also implementing inter- and transdisciplinary projects at the interface between science and society. For this purpose, each member has access to funding, which makes possible joint projects in groups of up to 6 people.

Innovative teaching formats at the science-society interface

How can innovative teaching formats at the interface between science and society be promoted, disseminated and qualitatively improved in the Swiss higher education system?

Navigating the media as Early Career Academics

What challenges do early career academics face as they navigate the media? What measures and strategies can be helpful in tackling these challenges?

Unveiling the leaky Pipeline in STEM

Why do more women leave the academic world after earning a doctorate than men?

AI in Science and Society

Where is artificial intelligence being used in education and healthcare – and what role can the Swiss Young Academy play in this development?

Science vs Activism? Exploring the Boundary

What is science and what is activism? Where does one end and the other begin? Why is it necessary that we keep these two worlds apart and is that even possible?

Swiss Young Network for Science Policy and Diplomacy (SYNESPOD)

How can we increase the capacity, visibility, and impact of early-career researchers in science policy and science diplomacy?

Innovative Policies for Fostering Academic Careers in Switzerland

What innovative best practices regarding academic employment and career development can be identified and shared to create pathways for structural change?

The "Spark" Podcast

How can members of the SYA foster inter- and trans-disciplinary collaborations in order to contribute to societal challenges?