Networking science.

The Swiss Young Academy networks young researchers from a wide range of scientific disciplines and creates an inspiring environment for inter- and transdisciplinary exchange and innovative ideas. Its members are the representatives of Swiss science and are regarded as the young voice of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.

AI in Science and Society

Through dialogue within the Swiss Young Academy and with other stakeholders, this project aims to explore the interface between AI, science and society and the role that the Swiss Young Academy could play at this juncture.
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In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has profoundly influenced both science and society. Its impact has been evident since Deep Blue's victory over Kasparov in 1997, marking the gradual integration of AI into daily life through recommendation algorithms and virtual assistants. Generative AI tools can create images based on text prompts, while large language models predict text based on existing inputs, already affecting society through fake reviews and personalized suggestions. Despite ethical and legal discussions surrounding AI's societal impact and calls for regulation, AI systems continue to be released with minimal oversight, which can lead to abuse. The necessity of an open discussion about the opportunities and risks of AI for science by organizations like SYA, in order to connect the views of young scientists, policy, and society is apparent.



SYA, as an organization at the intersection of science and society, has a role to play in exploring the impact of AI on science and society. This project seeks to:

  • Identify and assess the impact of AI on the Swiss science ecosystem and society.
  • Promote informed discussion in the SYA about the present and the future of AI in science and society.



This project will conduct a series of interviews to understand the different points of view of stakeholders in Switzerland and members of the academies. In a second step, we will organize a workshop to discuss the role we want the SYA to play In the transformation of science and society through artificial intelligence.


Expected societal and scientific added value

This project aims to (1) provide a better understanding of the potential impacts of AI on society and science, both positive and negative, (2) engage the SYA members in the discussion about the role of AI in science and society.

Project Speaker
Project Member

Alexandre Bovet

Sabrina Heike Kessler

Pamela Delgado