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The Swiss Young Academy networks young researchers from a wide range of scientific disciplines and creates an inspiring environment for inter- and transdisciplinary exchange and innovative ideas. Its members are the representatives of Swiss science and are regarded as the young voice of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.

Innovative Policies for Fostering Academic Careers in Switzerland

In dialogue with stakeholders relevant to academic careers, this project aims to identify new and best practices for academic employment and career development in order to bring about structural changes that improve the careers of researchers and academics in Switzerland.
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The academic career is in crisis [1]. The number of researchers with fixed term contracts in unstable positions has been increasing steadily for the last two decades, while stable positions remain rare and the prospects of permanent employment slim for most researchers [2]. This instability has profound implications for individual early career researchers, their lives, and health, for the diversity and inclusivity of the research system, and for the quality and integrity of the research output and teaching [3]. While these issues have long been known and discussed in Switzerland and abroad, little comprehensive action has been taken [4].



This project seeks to work with the stakeholders in Switzerland to identify best and new practices in academic employment and career development and create a platform for exchanges about such practices and pathways to structural change in order to ensure a sustainable future for research in Switzerland.



This project will conduct a survey and organize a series of meetings to foster exchanges about best and innovative practices in academic career development.


Expected societal and scientific added value

This project aims to value the attractiveness of Switzerland as a site of research, the societal well-being of researchers, and the quality of science itself by improving the careers of researchers.



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